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Located in Springdale serving Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and surrounding areas

Dream Structures LLC Commercial Construction, Custom Homes and New Homes
Dream Structures LLC Commercial Construction, Custom Homes and New Homes
Dream Structures LLC Commercial Construction, Custom Homes and New Homes
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Model Homes

Model homes are built to represent an ideal. Filled with appealing furniture and outfitted with top-shelf appliances, it allows the buyer to imagine what they could do with their new home. It is the designer example of what the other homes in the neighborhood can aspire to. Normally built in a convenient location, the model home has a lot going for it.

New Builder designed Home

If you’re considering buying a new home, you’ve come to the right place. At Dream Structures LLC we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible buyer's experience. We do this, by offering a transparent portfolio of reviews, and our work as well as providing exceptional customer service. We have several proven locations / developments that we are a part of offering many floor plans, finishes, and sizes available. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship provide the ultimate value in your new home purchase.

New Buyer inspired Home

If you're unsure of how involved you wish to be or feel you may have some basic specifics for finish out and amenity content, then the "Buyer inspired" home may be just what the doctor ordered. Typically built in one of our proven locations, using our plans, our finances, and using the majority of our "up to date" selections, while allowing some Buyer involvement in finishes and amenities. Typically these slightly delay build times but finished quicker than a "Fully Custom built Home"

Custom Built Homes

Many of us have dreamed at one time about living in a home that offers everything we can imagine: The Dream Home. But when it comes down to it, are custom homes just for the incredibly wealthy? We can show you that this is not the case! There are of course many factors to consider when taking this path, but with the right team, creating your dream home will be a fun and rewarding project. Typically built on the Customer's property using the Customer's finances. This type of build is fully Customizable, from the initial house plan to the final finishes. General time line is 8 to 10 months for construction. There are two types of contracts... first; A "Turn key" cost approach is established after lengthy planning discussions as to the content and finish out, a lump sum total project cost can be established. Costly change orders come into play if changes are made once the initial "turn key" contract is signed. second; A "Cost plus builder's fee" approach. This is typically best for a full custom project that has extensive finish out & customization requests. Many of these decisions are made "in the field" as the project progresses. an overall "Estimate" can be established up front but know that this is a moving target depending on how many variations from the original project plan are changed along the way

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Rental Homes

It’s true that we are first and foremost a home builder. And most of our customers are looking for a custom home built to their exact specifications. Given how complex house building is, you might think that’s all we do, right?

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